Welcome to the Internet portal for Chimo I-Design, the trailblazing project that is seeking out new solutions and technologies for the future, innovations for tomorrow that we can start to implement today, giving you them yesterday.

Within the framework of ours projects and in co-operation with a team of likeminded associates, we have fused together all of our current technologies and enhanced methods, in line with the new global objectives we have decided to embrace.

                 Great products do not happen by chance. They are deliberate acts of design by which the value of a product is directly proportional to its effect. Chimo I-Design operates at this nexus of purpose and meaning, where art and invention merge in products that transcend being merely useful objects to products that deliver rewarding experiences. We believe that transformative products result from a well-conceived design process. Where talent and know-how meets a great idea. Where passion meets experience meets market success.Chimo I-Design is a firm specialized in industrial design and its peripheral industries. We work with clients and candidates throughout the world.

                 Design thinking is of crucial importance to our project that is targeted towards applying this approach to handling major problems to solve the new product designs. Design is a universal language of modernity that has long ceased to be an exclusive domain of a very limited circle of dedicated professionals. In a joint effort with the innovators and prominent representatives of the business world, we will be looking for and selecting the most promising high-impact inventive ideas to give you ways in which design thinking can be delivered. As soon as such projects are well-defined and sufficiently mature, we will present them to leaders in the design community and the general public.

                To give a new lease of life to the ideas expressed by a great thinker - If you want to see a change in the future, make this change now - to personify such a change and make all the difference in the world: that is the global challenge for Chimo I-Design